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beautiful recital
Murray and Lohuis.It's very simple -- if you haven't experienced these two artists in performance, do it as soon as possible. Two truly wonderful musicians, whose friendship is evident in the way they make music together. And if your church has an organ recital series, book them for a slot -- your music program will win over a lot of new people. --Sebastian Matthäus Glück, Pipe organ builder

A model program of rarely-heard literature presented by two sensitive musicians, who play with impeccable taste and with a careful balance between violin and organ. --Larry Palmer, President, Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society

The Murray/Lohuis Duo's Violin and Organ recording represents a niveau of collaboration, which is exemplary for such endeavors... The choice, arrangement and performance of the repertoire is quite simply superb, the larger or more profound works alternating with either lighter or more contemplative selections, with each composition executed in its own stylistically appropriate manner. Full marks for this splendid disc! --Dietrich Bartel, The Diapason

Throughout their Sunday afternoon recital at National Presbyterian Church, Robert Murray and Ardyth Lohuis proved that this particular string-and-keyboard combination can be a refreshing change of pace from the more common violin-piano pairing... Daunting -- or should it be taunting? -- were the encore-ready bravura trappings of Henri Vieuxtemps' "Yankee Doodle"... Murray was ready, willing and able to make himself the dandy in this burlesque. --Charles McCardell, The Washington Post

The conclave...concluded in the Circular Congregational Church with the exceptional ensemble playing of Robert Murray, violin, and Ardyth Lohuis, organ, both of Virginia Commonwealth College in Richmond. Period pieces included a Solo by Stanley, a group of anonymous colonial dance tunes, which brought smiles for their quaintness, and Koczwara's "Battle of Prague," a descriptive, sectional piece with vivid effects virtuosically presented, as were a 1989 Suite by Alan Gibbs and the amazing Variations Burlesque on "Yankee Doodle" by Henri Vieuxtemps. --Daniel Hannemann, Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society Newsletter

Robert Murray turned out to be a gifted virtuoso player, who romped through six pieces of unusual repertoire together with Ardyth Lohuis... The sound of Murray's violin is variously sweet and haunting... The Sowerby "Ballade" received a beautiful interpretation... The duo zipped through Belgian Henri Vieuxtemps' Finale, Saltarella from his "Fantasia Appassionata," which this remarkable duo played "just for fun." --Carol Furtwangler, Charleston, SC Post & Courier

A program by Robert Murray, violin, and Ardyth Lohuis, organ,...was held at Christ Episcopal Church [Hartford, CT]... The ambience of the wonderful building as well as the sound of the outstanding instrument created a perfect locale for the program. The exquisite playing of these two artists created a memorable musical experience. --Ronald E. Dean, The Diapason (review of Organ Historical Society Convention)

The sounds...are ravishing. The recording has an airy spaciousness, which makes for further fine listening. But in the end, it's the music that counts, and Murray and Lohuis deliver. --Francis Church, Richmond News Leader

The quality of your performance was of the highest standard and contributed in no small measure to the growing reputation of the Festival. --John Beale, Margam Festival 1990 in Swansea, Wales

Robert Murray is phenomenal...and so are you (Ardyth Lohuis). The organ playing is elegant, the ensemble super, and the engineering phenomenal. --Wilbur Held

The Murray/Lohuis Vol. 2 is a mesmerizing concert. Rheinberger, Foote, Sowerby and others are performed on a Bergonzi violin and one of two organs, each beautiful. Special recommendation for this fine recording. --Vernon Gotwals, The American Organist

The crystalline sound of a solo violin, enveloped in the warm tones of a pipe organ, made for an unusual and impressive recital... Murray's violin tone is bright and sweet and clear, which makes it a perfect foil for the all-encompassing power of the organ. While the organ can depict the mood, the violin etches the fine details. Neither would be complete without the other. --Liz Vantrease, Richmond News Leader

Let me tell you that I have enjoyed very much your music and I wish to congratulate you... for your splendid performances. --Franco Gulli

Another highlight was the Murray-Lohuis Duo. Widely known and admired through their two CDs, the violin and organ duo has indefatigably researched and unearthed a large repertoire of rarely heard and unknown literature in this genre. Through the years, the performers have developed a compatibility producing performances marked by a wonderfully cohensive ensemble. Their convention performance did not disappoint, and one can only look forward to their third recording. --Paul S. Hesselink, The American Organist (review of American Guild of Organists Convention)

Standing ovation.

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